The LED Video Wall
Beautiful Visual Content.
The highest quality audience viewing experiences, be it live sport, awards ceremony and conferences, or a shop window advertisement, use LED video walls of varying sizes capture their audience.
Visually Captivating
Led walls are brighter than projectors and can scale to any size or shape without any seams, ensuring content at a live event can be showcased perfectly.
Space Efficient
It is inches thin and modular in build. You can hang it or stand it, and you can fit into a much wider range of spaces compared to a projector, and range from tiny displays for an intimate sponsor screen, to whopping huge displays!
Best Seats In The House
There are wider viewing angles and shorter viewing distance, So you can seat more people in without having to assign who should get the ‘worst seats’.
Wow Factor
LED walls are a beautiful platform to show off sponsor videos, logos and thank you messages without being too intrusive in your main event activities.
The most common uses of LED video walls include:

⦁ Award Ceremonies, Conferences and Video Displays at Corporate Events

⦁ Exhibition displays, product launches and trade events.

⦁ Video streaming or to display pre-recorded video

⦁ Movie screening at the cinema or other events

⦁ Stadium concerts and live matches

Our LED video display sizes start at 2m x 1m all the way up to 10xx10m giving excellent visuals on even the smallest, or largest of video wall.
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